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These days we are inundated with bloated web browsers that overcomplicate our lives. However, there is one eminent exception: IE6. It has been around since 2001 and is still one of the most powerful and versatile browsers available.

This is why we want to achieve the following:

  • Get everyone to use IE6
  • Get IE6 ported to more platforms
  • Get the W3C standard changed to fit IE6 was put together as an April Fool’s joke by the uptime monitoring service Pingdom. Due to the tremendous interest it has received we have decided to keep this site up and running. Thanks everyone for the great feedback and for enjoying the irony!


IE6 has been the victim of false and misleading accusations all over the web, such as complaints about its compatibility with web standards. This is simply the confused ramblings of a vocal minority. After all, how can IE6 be violating standards when it has essentially BEEN the standard for years?

The SaveIE6 campaign is all about showing the world the benefits of using the web browser IE6. There are currently too many browsers with too many unnecessary features. They are hard to use and render web sites badly and inconsistently. Contrast this with IE6’s proven technology and well-documented behavior.

Please support the SaveIE6 campaign and help make the internet a better place!

Toby Tablerow, SaveIE6 founder

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