When one thinks of online pokies, one quickly thinks of the typical Land-Based Pokies, but it is the Online Pokies that are much more popular. You can even see this at the gambling halls. In the past there were only pokies with real spinning reels, such as the Random Runner, Mad Timer, etc. Nowadays more than half of the pokies have been replaced by the ones you see in real casinos. These are, so to speak, the video pokie machines that you play on a computer with a large screen (with or without a touch screen).

It also makes sense that precisely these so-called video pokies are found to be more fun, because through such a screen there is of course much more possible in terms of graphical effects and game functions. Especially the latter is very interesting for players, because the game functions are very diverse and provide the necessary variety. Think for example of bonus sequel games, flipping wild symbols, free spins feature, etc. Of course, all this is also the case with online video pokies and the nice thing is that in terms of technological development they are far from standing still. We can expect some very nice extras.

Game Developers

If you visit an online casino to play video pokies in free mode or not, you can count on games that have not been developed by the online casino in question. They all use so-called casino game providers, i.e… the game developers. Well known are NetEnt and Microgaming, but there are dozens more to name. Especially the larger game developers are listed companies with a turnover of many millions. This in turn enables them to develop many new pokies and a.o. casino games in which the future target group is certainly taken into account. If you look at the future target group, we are talking about the generation that grew up with smartphones, computers, etc. Especially the mobile devices are used for entertainment. Research shows that this generation doesn’t really appreciate online pokies and that online pokies only provide temporary entertainment (they get bored easily). In order to prevent gambling addiction, this may be pleasant, but as said before, the game developers do not stand still…

Social Pokies

The expectation is that online pokies will be developed quickly with an equal social element (social pokies). Think of being able to share the game result on social media via a button in the online pokie itself. It will be even more fun if you, as a player, can, as it were, compete against your friends. You can think of casino games that are, as it were, linked to each other via a social media program. Currently, a similar thing already exists in the form of tournaments, but the opponents are random.

Virtual Reality Pokies

Can you imagine that at an online casino you can opt for a Virtual reality pokie that is simply playable via your browser? It will only be a matter of connecting your VR glasses to your desktop or laptop and selecting the VR Slot in the game lobby. The technology is already there and NetEnt has already announced to release Gonzo’s Quest VR. As a player, you will then enter, as it were, the world of the pokie in question, so you will be a participant rather than a spectator. No more buttons to spin the reels or open the pay table, just pull the virtual lever and look around for all aspects of the game. Whether this is going to be a success remains to be seen, partly because not everyone has VR glasses at their disposal. On the other hand, it is an upcoming development that may eventually replace the current standard.

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